School Integrated Program (SIP) is a program in which the students of classes VIIIth to XIIth will be screened and a separate section will be formed. These students will be taught by highly experienced and qualified faculties of Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics. These faculty members specialize in preparing students for various competitive examinations.

Students enrolling in this program will have an integrated study plan within the school hours. They are trained for the School / Board examinations as well as IIT-JEE & other competitive/ entrance examinations.

A separate time-table will be followed for this section; where Science and Mathematics will be taught by the faculty of STUDY VAULT. All other subjects will be taught by school teachers. This entire program will run within the school hours.

We firmly believe that seventy percent of the results are dependent on the children, twenty five percent on the institution/ faculty/ academic support and rest five percent on the parents. In the present scenario students even with a high calibre are not able to get into the good institutions as they are unable to qualify National/ International level of Entrance tests. This happens mostly because the student waste a lot of time in juggling between school and then coaching institutes. Ultimately they don’t get time for self studies and hence, they under perform.

Students enrolling for this program will have an Integrated study plan. STUDY VAULT will undertake both school/ Board as well as preparation of competitive examinations for Math and Science. This would mean that the student would not be going through two separate schedules and classes for the same subject; whereas practical sessions in lab and other support will be provided to the students by school.

The methodology developed by us for competitive exam preparation lays emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of Science and Maths and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking skills. This makes them capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by merely application of basic concepts. We have experienced that the IQ level of the students is raised significantly during this process.

A separate time-table will be made for this section and except Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics all other subjects will be taught by school teachers. These students will learn the school syllabus along with the competitive examination preparation. The primary focus will remain on C.B.S.E. and they will also be appearing in all the school tests. The expert faculty team will follow the school session plan for C.B.S.E. and will also prepare the students for other competitive and entrance examinations.

We have a panel of highly experienced and qualified full time faculties from various reputed institutions like IITs, NITs and other reputed institutions. They have been teaching for many years and have produced many IITians, and other scholars while working with some of the leading coaching institutions in the country. Before joining the organization, the faculty members undergo a rigorous selection process. They also undergo training and guidance sessions with us to ensure standard delivery across institutes.

We emphasis on the stability of the faculty as we believe that each teacher marks a difference in the study pattern of the students; as they share certain comfort level. Hence, we ensure that none of our academic team member leaves the project in between the session.

We believe that good teaching goes beyond mere imparting knowledge, but also to inspire, guide and motivate the students in raising their overall performance.

A set of comprehensive study material will be provided to all the students in this program. This study material will help student in understanding the basic concepts of each topic in a very simplified and clear manner.

This study material will cover syllabus as per NCERT, Practice for NCERT, Competitive Level concepts and their explanations, Practice for Competitive Level questions and Booster exercises for higher level understanding and practice. This will be a one stop solution for the student, hence he/she would not require any other material support for understanding or practice

At STUDY VAULT each student is important to us. We have designed a strong and personalised system to ensure the academic growth of students under our care. We have devised methods to ensure proper understanding of the concepts.

Our pedagogical methods not only include building of concepts from basic to a higher level but also incorporates continuous evaluation/ assessment of students. Based on the performance analysis of each student relevant remedial & extra classes are planned for students, under performing in the identified weak areas.

A detailed performance report is issued online after every Progressive Tests (PT). We conduct Parent’s Teacher Meet (PTM) after every quarter; however, parents can share their feedback/ concerns anytime through their personal online account on our website or by visiting us with a prior appointment.

To prepare students thoroughly for competitive exams and to complete the syllabus before these exams, we conduct classes five days a week during the entire summer vacation. These classes are mandatory for all those who have enrolled with SIP. School bus/ transport facility will not be available during these classes. Students will be given one week summer break from 1st to 7th June, 2017. All parents are requested to plan their holidays accordingly.

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