We at Study Vault firmly believe that each student enrolled with us deserves individual attention to improve his/her performance and understanding of concepts. Hence, we have developed and have a strong and refined system in place to make their journey of knowledge and learning productive and easy.

Teaching Methodology: As mentioned earlier, our teaching methodology is focused on progressive raising understanding of concepts from basic to the higher level. Each faculty member at Study Vault is trained to teach in a manner, where they emphasise on the basic concepts first and once they are thoroughly clear to all the students then they gradually take the topic/ chapter to the higher level of concepts.

Tests and Results: We have designed a series of tests that helps us to keep a track on the performance of each student. This gives us an opportunity to identify the problem areas and provide solution by arranging extra/ doubts classes. We have observed that due to this system of regular evaluation,  students clarify their doubts on time. This leads to a remarkable improvement in the understanding and performance of each student.

Extra class and Doubt Session:  A dedicated academic team is attached to a particular school. We conduct classes from Tuesday to Friday during the school hours. Every Saturday is a doubt session day, student may come for a doubt class or an extra class with a prior appointment with the academic coordinator. These doubt sessions and extra classes are scheduled in the following cases:

  • If a student is found performing low in any of the tests, then the faculty or the academic   coordinator will advice the student to come for the doubt session. During this doubt session the student will have one to one interaction with the faculty and the academic team will ensure that all the doubts are properly resolved during this interaction. In case further classes are required, the academic coordinator will schedule further doubt session.

  • If a student has some problem in understanding any topic taught during the week or if a student has missed some classes, then he/she may take a prior appointment with the academic coordinator for an extra class on Saturday. Appointment can also be taken over the phone. Students would not be allowed for any doubt session or extra class without prior appointment.


Monthly Feedback: We firmly believe that “None of US is as STRONG as ALL of US”. And to implement this ideology, we work hand in hand with students, parents and school authorities. We believe that together we make a stronger team and work for the academic betterment of our children.

Feedback and regular interaction plays a vital role in making a process result oriented. Hence at Study Vault we have a refined system of feedback and interaction.

Student Feedback: All the students have to fill a feedback form for each faculty every quarter. In this feedback form, students have to rate faculty members on various parameters. Click Here Feedback form Sample

We evaluate each feedback form seriously and take necessary corrective measures to resolve the issues of the students. These feedback forms are not shared with the faculty members directly. To ensure fair evaluation, the students are requested NOT to write their name on the feedback form.

Online Feedback: There is a feedback option in the personal online account provided to each enrolled student. The parent may login to the same and send us their feedback online.

Parents Teachers Meet (PTM): We conduct PTMs almost every quarter, this create an opportunity for both parent and faculty to interact regarding the child’s performance.

These PTMs are well planned and organised. Each Faculty member makes a detailed report of each child for the respective subjects. These details will include attendance details, marks and performance evaluation of all the tests, extra/ doubt classes attended by the student etc. The parent may also get these details before coming for a PTM from their online account.

These details help us to discuss about the child’s performance more precisely.

On the very same day parents have to fill a detailed feedback form. This helps us to improve and work in the specified direction for each child. In case, any parent has missed the PTM or they didn’t get satisfactory time with the faculty or there is any concern before the PTM, they can come for a discussion with the academic coordinator of the project with

In case required the parent can meet the faculty in consent with the academic coordinator.